Salted Artichokes with Lemon


💁🏻Healthy Snacking: Boiled Artichokes flavored with Lemon and Salt! No need for butter or breadcrumbs to enjoy the pure flavor of these beauties! Preparing them is easy, and you can make them a week ahead and store them in a ziplock in your fridge! 1⃣Trim off the stem and any hanging leaves from the bottom of the artichoke

2⃣Trim the edges from the ends of the leaves….they’re sharp and unpleasant (splinter?)

3⃣Trim the top portion of the leaves off to expose the stunning layers inside the artichoke

4⃣Bring to a boil in a pot of salted water with LEMONS! The acidity from the lemons will help the artichokes retain their green color – otherwise they’ll turn black when cooked!

Let these babies cook at least 30 minutes, drain, bedazzle with some coarse sea salt and ENJOY leaf after leaf of natural goodness! 💋💋 #artichoke #snack #healthy #clean #CleanLife #Natural #Lemon #CuisinArt #ChefsOfInstagram #CookSOfInstagram


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