Sweet n Sour Meatballs with Cherries

So easy to make and flavors so robust – this is a major crowd pleaser even for those who don’t like sweet entrees!

– 1.5 lbs lean ground beef

– 1 tablespoon flour

– 2 onions, 1 small and 1 large

– a handful of parsley 

– Bit of oil

– 1 can sweet pitted cherries

– 1 can sour pitted cherries

– 1 heaping tablespoon Tamarind paste

– 1 teaspoon lemon juice

– 1 tablespoon brown sugar

– 1/2 cup boiling water (for the meat mixture)

– 1 cup water (to add to the pan)

– Spices: Salt, Black Pepper, All Spice

– (optional) Toasted slivered almonds for garnish

1) Mince the small onion and parsley (I did it in a mini food processor) and add it to the ground beef along with salt, black pepper, a pinch of all spice and the flour. Begin mixing (by hand is best) and add the boiling water a bit at a time. Gauge the consistency of the mixture, it should be slightly sticky/wet but not so moist it’ll fall apart in cooking. Then with wet hands, form meatballs to desired size and set aside. 


2) Sautee the large onion (diced or sliced) in a skillet in a bit of oil until translucent, then add the cans of cherries with their juices, the tamarind and the added cup of water. Mix well and bring to a boil…..when boiling add the spices, lemon and brown sugar, mix, then dunk the meatballs in one at a time. DO NOT mix for at least 5 minutes so you don’t break the meatballs.

After 5 minutes gives the mixture a mix with a wooden spoon and cover, then reduce to simmer 45 minutes.

After 45 minutes uncover and raise flame to medium, allow the liquid to reduce for about 15 minutes. Sauce should thicken somewhat. 

Serve over rice and top with toasted almonds.



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