Passover Crepe Cake with Vanilla Cream and Strawberries 

💁Crepe Batter:
👉6 eggs

👉2 cups cake meal

👉3 cups water (must be water, not any other liquid or consistency of batter will be thrown off)

👉3 tablespoons oil

👉1/2 teaspoon salt

👉1/2 teaspoon sugar
1) Combine batter ingredients well until you get a thin batter consistency – if your batter is thick add water to thin it out 

*Note: Using a blender is ideal, a whisk is next best, you could also do this with a fork
2) Place a wide nonstick pan over medium heat and allow to heat up a few minutes before starting 
3) Grease your pan with a quick brushing of margarine/spray and immediately pour 1/4 cup of the crepe batter in the center of the pan 

DO NOT be tempted to move your pan around to spread the batter, it will spread out evenly on it’s own and will yield even crepes this way 
4) When crepes have small bubbles all over the top surface they are ready to flip, about another 30 seconds on the other side and the crepe is ready – set each crepe aside and allow to cool before handling the cream

*using wax or parchment paper to divide the crepes is ideal because it allows them to cool and extras can be frozen this way without sticking
YOUR CREPES ARE READY! This yields about 20 crepes, now for the cream 😁
💁Vanilla Creme

👉1 package parve whipping cream

👉1 teaspoon vanilla extract
Whip the cream first, and when it is nearly ready (stiff peaks) add the vanilla and finish it off
💁Layer the Crepe Cake
1) Place 1 crepe down, place a heaping tablespoon of vanilla creme on it and spread it thin, then top it with another crepe. Repeat this until your cake is the desired height. Leave the top layer bare.
2) Dust powdered sugar generously over the top of your crepe cake
3) Crepe Cake is ideally served with a drizzle of maple syrup and strawberries 
NOTE: The crepe cake is best served after it has been allowed to chill in the refrigerator a few hours 

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